Bob's Choice

NEHU 06 X 3278

Chequer Cock

1st Club, 1st Fed. Thoresby Hall (115 miles) 1,452 birds
1st Club, 1st Fed 1,108 birds
2nd WDA (Nine Feds) Rivenhall (230 miles) 5,108 birds
1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st WDA Clermont National (419 miles) 3,448 birds
1st Club, 3rd Fed Billericay(243 miles) 958 birds
1st Club, 2nd Fed, 2nd WDA - 7,321 birds
7th NEHU Open Folkestone(285 miles) 36,790 birds
1st Club, 1st Fed. 1st WDA Clermont Nat. (419 miles) 1,667 birds
Plus many more Club and Federation positions.
Bred, Raced & Owned by Paul Stobbs

Bob's Choice is a stunning Chequer Cock, he has won 1st WDA Clermont National 2,260 birds in 2008 & 2nd WDA Folkestone 7,321 birds & 7th NEHU Classic 36,790 birds and joint 1st WDA Clermont National 1,667 birds in 2009.

Although bred from the original sprint lines of the Jos Soontjen imports a judicious cross of the bloodlines of near neighbours from Wommelgem - Jules Smits/Maria Van Winkel – has allowed Bob's Choice to continue sprinting past the coast all the way up to 420 miles.