NEHU 07 CON 1927

Chequer Cock

Super Breeder
Sire, G/Sire & G/G/Sire of winners at Club, Fed., Combine, Amal. & Open competition including The Gypsy.The Gypsy retired from racing at the end of his Yearling season, he won - 1st WDA Billericay as a YB 6,962p 1st WDA Folkestone 7,321p and 2nd Open NEHU Folkestone Classic 36,790p 2nd WDA Billericay Ylg Classic 1,166p & in addition fastest velocity from the WDA's Ten Federations from Newark. Now proven to be a better producer. Gypsy King is brother to Silver sire of 3 x 1st UNC & G/Sire 1st UNC winner as well as 2 x 1st NIPA winners