Surprise Surprise

NEHU 06 CON 2799

Blue Hen

NEHU Bird of the Year 2009.
WDA Bird of the Year 2009.
BHW Bird of the Year 250-450 miles 2009.
1st Fed Huntingdon 185 miles, 824 birds, 1353 ypm 2008.
33rd WDA Folkestone 285 miles, 1125 birds, 1692 ypm 2009.
1st Fed. 1st WDA 2210 birds.
1st NEHU Queen's Cup 419 miles, 15270 birds, 1376 ypm 2009.
Equal 1st Fed, 1st WDA Clermont National 1667 birds, 1499 ypm, 2009.
Bred, Raced & Owned by Paul Stobbs

Surprise Surprise is a fantastic handling blue hen, she has a 1st WDA 2,210 birds & 1st Open Queens Cup 15,270 birds and equal 1st WDA Clermont against 1,167 birds arriving with Bob's Choice to record the same velocity for joint 1st WDA.
She was also awarded the accolade of Best Pigeon in both the

WDA and NEHU in 2009 and she also received the BHW (RPRA’s Weekly newspaper) Trophy for best performance pigeon between 250 – 450 miles. Make no mistake this hen is Quality with a capital Q, prior to topping the WDA twice in 2009 she also took 33rd WDA from Folkestone against 7,321 birds on the 9th of May.