The Gypsy

Malta 08 13 1905

1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st Gold Ring
1st Y/B Derby, 1st 3C’s Specialist Club
1st WDA Y/B National Billericay (243 miles) 6,962 birds
1st Club, 1st Fed Newark (128 miles) 599 birds
2009 1st Club, 3rd. Fed Huntingdon (185 miles) 2,037 birds
1st Club, 3rd Fed Billericay (243 miles) 1,689 birds
1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st WDA 7,321 birds
2nd NEHU Open Folkestone (285 miles) 36,790 birds
1st Club, 4th Fed Billericay (243 miles) 958 birds
1st Club, 1st Fed.
2nd WDA Billericay Yearling Classic (243 birds) 1,166 birds
Bred, Raced & Owned by Paul Stobbs

The Gypsy was retired from racing at the end of 2009 season. The Gypsy has 1st WDA Billericay 6,962 birds as a Youngster, 1st WDA Folkestone 7,321 birds & 2nd NEHU Open 36,790 birds as a Yearling and 2nd WDA Billericay Yearlings in 2009 from 1,166 birds. In addition the Gypsy had another Fastest Velocity from the 10 Feds in the WDA from Newark between his Amalgamation Wins.

Rung with a Maltese ring this Cock along with another 29 loftmates was originally bred to be sent to family friends to race there, Bird Flu put a stop to that idea and as a result these 30 Maltese rung young birds were added to the team and put on the road, as a result unleashing a phenomenal racing pigeon. He got his name after his wandering days as a youngster having decided to visit two other lofts to see what was on the menu that day.

The Gypsy is unusual as he is one of the earliest moulting pigeons I have ever handled, at the time of winning 1st WDA & 2nd NEHU Folkestone Classic he was already on his 5th flight and apparently this is almost the exact wing condition he was in as a youngster when he topped the WDA for the first time. The Gypsy is bred from descendants of the original 89, 90 & 91 Jos Soontjens and goes back to the 601 Cock on both sides of his pedigree.